Types of Classes


Explorer’s Bible Study classes for adults occur during the day and night throughout the week. Every class follows a similar proven pattern, regardless of when and where you meet. If no class meets in your area, pray about starting one… we can help!

Here’s what an EBS Study does:

Classes meet weekly for about one-and-half hours in total, over the course of roughly 30 weeks (normally divided into two 15 week sessions that follow the local school year).

The first week you’ll just show up and meet your classmates, discussion group leader, teaching leader, and others that make EBS happen and get your study book (unless you chose to get your study book digitally). You will take that material home and begin doing your daily personal study. This study contains daily study questions that relate to the passage for the week. Each week you’ll answer these questions on your own and bring them to class.

On the day your class meets, you’ll gather together with the whole class and then break into your discussion group to discuss the lesson under the care of your trained discussion leader. Your discussion group may be any size up to fifteen people. You will enjoy the lively discussion regarding the passage you have studied. Whether you have been in Bible studies before or just have been introduced to the Bible, all levels of experience are welcomed and accomodated.

Once your discussion group time ends, you will join the rest of the larger group for a 30 minute large group teaching given by your Teaching Director (if no local teacher is available a video teaching will be used). Because you have already studied the passage, your teacher will be able to jump right into life application. You will be amazed at how much you will learn and grow.

Once the large group teaching is over, you will be off for another week of studying the Bible. To help, each lesson has a notes section that serves as a commentary regarding the passage you just studied. These notes have been professionally written and will highlight the passage even further.

All of the materials are edited and published by EBS, which is located in Dickson Tennessee (just outside Nashville) and used globally by EBS groups,


CO-ED classes are great for families, singles, married couples, divorced, widowed, and young adults. They meet throughout the week (most meet in the evening) and are a great way for couples to grow closer to God through in-depth study of the Word of God together. These CO-ED groups are not just for couples. Friends, co-workers and those just looking for a new community will enjoy the fellowship and different perspectives these mixed groups provide.


These classes are ideal for women who do not work, work from home, have flexible schedules, are stay at home moms, retired, or work in the evenings (some classes offer childcare and EBS classes for kids). Night time classes catch those who work in the day or just prefer to join an evening study.

By having classes just with female involvement there is opportunity to be led by women discussion leaders and hear from a female teaching leader. While we recognize we are all equal, some women enjoy hearing a female perspective. Sharing common issues, challenges, joys and opportunities always helps us in our growing walks with God.


Men’s classes are almost always in the evening and something to behold. A group of men voluntarily meeting and committed to serving one another is a rarity. Can we be frank? Our desire is that we would have a great growth spurt of men’s classes. Why? Because men by and large busy themselves with many other things than in-depth Bible study. What a shame because those who are involved in EBS will tell you that it has changed their lives.


When young adults are committed to in-depth Bible Study, the entirety of their lives can and do change. Imagine a rally point for young people of various churches in a community where Bible-centered relationships are fostered as they focused around the study of God’s Word.

If you are young person and would like a study in your community; challenge us to start one.


Did you know that EBS has many studies already written and being used around the world in Spanish speaking countries? We are praying that God would use these materials and our proven discipleship method to help new classes start in North America and around the world.


EBS has classes all across the world through physical brick and mortar classes and through our on-line options – Online Groups. We welcome the chance to break into new cultures, countries and languages. Let us know if you are interested in serious discipleship where God has placed you

Translations are being planned in Tagalog, Nepali, and Hindi.