Restored – Ezra & Nehemiah


As you go through the readings, notes, questions, and discussions of the following weeks, exercise your imagination to put yourself in the place of returning exiles who must rebuild their lives.


RESTORED: EZRA AND NEHEMIAH                                  

The people of Israel longed for restoration—for the return of God’s blessing and the rebuilding of their lives. They had lived in captivity and exile, but the years of God’s judgment had ended. Would He restore His covenant with them? Would they be able to reestablish their Temple and their worship? Would life ever be the same? These are the themes of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, two leaders who helped guide the people of God in their return to the Promised Land. They help us understand both the blessings and the challenges of living out God’s promises. They give us examples of how to rebuild broken lives. And they encourage us to remain faithful even in difficult times as people of God who have been both redeemed and restored (14 Lessons).

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