Quest – The Gospel of John


When you study the Gospel of John you are opening up one of the most loved books in the Bible.


The Gospel of John

John focuses on the spiritual significance of what Jesus did and said rather than just reporting the events of His life. He begins the gospel with a declaration of the deity of Jesus, His pre-existence, and His direct involvement in creation. To John the miracles of Jesus are not just demonstrations of God’s mercy and compassion – they are glimpses into the very glory of God. When Lazarus is raised from the dead, it is “for the glory of God”– demonstrating that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. When Jesus feeds thousands of people with a boy’s lunch, is not just a miracle of multiplication – it demonstrates that Jesus is “the bread of life”.

As you study, you will discover that John has a very penetrating gaze into eternal truth and into the very heart and mind of God. But John gives us more than just information; he reveals an invitation – to abundant life in Jesus, the True Vine. May this study help you find “life in His name” and bear much fruit from (and for) Him.

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