Discovery – God’s Perfect Plan


A study of prophecy from Genesis through Revelation.

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This course seeks to bring together and open a broad spectrum of Scriptures dealing with prophecy, hopefully leading to a fuller understanding of their meaning and importance. The study begins with a look at Old Testament prophecies and their fulfillment in the life of the nation of Israel. Several lessons focus on the many prophecies concerning the coming Messiah and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ. The later portion of the study looks at prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled – those that many consider to be future or “end time.”

* Bible believing Christians hold a variety of positions on prophecy, eschatology and the end times. The various viewpoints are explained in this very popular course God’s Perfect Plan. The material is presented from the position that the events described in the Book of Revelation from chapter four on, are yet to occur. Please be aware of this as you pray about your course selection.

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